From the files of Frank Clyburn

Clyburn Family News

Vol. 02 Thanksgiving - Christmas 1997 November 27, 1997

Clyburn Ronnie Clyburn Starts Own Business!

Ronnie Clyburn, my youngest daughter, has recently went into business for herself. As I understand it, she has rented her own space in a local beauty shop in Soldotna, Alaska and is now working for herself! She has more courage than I ever had. Good luck Ronnie...

My Cousin

Ray Smith, recently had the fingers of both hands amputated. I'm not sure just exactly if they were all cut off or not. Anyway most of them were cut off at the midway point of the second finger bones

He had been working in Dakota on an oil drilling rig for some time now and the weather gets cold in the winter there. Apparently with the wind chill factor the temperature was -53 or there-a-bouts. His fingers froze while working. Parts of the flesh died and had to be amputated.

My mother and step-father raised Ray from the age of around 6 months. Some of you will remember him. He is my Aunt Patricia's (now deceased) only son. Aunt Pat was my mother's youngest sister.

Woodrow G. Clyburn

Woodrow Clyburn, my son has left Alaska (at least for the time being)and moved to Dakota, where Ray Smith is working. He started working on the same oil rig and the same cold, windy, night the Ray was injured, when he was hit on the leg with the "tongs?', and has been laid up ever since. An MRI taken recently, shows that he may not need surgery on his leg, but none-the-less has a serious injury.

I sure hope that he heals OK and can get back to work...

Steven Franklin Clyburn.

Born in Camden (may have been born in Jefferson, SC), South Carolina on August 5, 1871 died at Yreka, California on June 25, 1961. He was 89 years old. Born to Miles Lemuel Clyburn and Mahaley Mosley Clyburn of South Carolina. The Clyburn family moved from South Carolina to the Red River Valley in Texas when my dad (Steven Franklin) was nine years old.

I remember Pop telling of the following places that they lived: Aransas Pass, Brazos, Golied, Bastrop, Galveston and Brazoria. Grandpa Miles L. Clyburn was one of a large family of boys that lived in South Carolina until the time that they all decided to go their separate ways. Miles Clyburn moved his family to the Red River Valley of Texas. Which, I believe, was south of Austin, Texas.

Pop was about nine at the time and I can remember Mom & Pop talking about when they picked Cotton and worked in the fields when they were growing up. Pop met Narcy Hulda Parks and they were married in Brazoria, Texas on September 10, 1894. Pop had several brothers and sisters including: Alice, Nancy, Lizzie (Elizabeth), Hattie, John, Ollie, Bill and Anna Belle. Alice married Grover Wilson and died at a young age. Lizzie married a man named Miller. They had twin daughters Melba and Velma and three sons: Howard, Herbert, Clyde and Clarance Miller. I met Howard and Clyde Miller when I visited Mom and Pop at Rockport, Texas during WWII, probably in 1943 or 1944. They were very nice young men and had a commercial fishing boat.

The family album shows a picture of them and Alice and Grover Wilson. Anna Belle also married Grover Wilson after Alice died and she was a tall thin woman (the other sisters were all tall but also heavy.) They visited Pop and Mom in 1926 at Lime Gulch (Klamath River, CA) and there is a picture of them standing by a touring car in the family album. Hattie Clyburn married a man by the name of Ratliff. I don't know his first name, but they had a son named Eugene, whose picture is in the family album. He seemed a nice looking man. Aunt Nannie (Nancy) married Will Keyes a railroad man, and lived in Austin, Texas. They had several children including: Carl, Gladys, Florence and Wilford Keyes. Carl Keyes married Imogene and they lived in Santa Barbara, California and in Palo Alto, California. Carl's hobby was raising Orchids. He had a rare red one and I have a picture of in my slide collection.

Aunt Nannie came to visit a few times. She was there in 1940 when Ernest McBain and I went to Reno, Nevada and got married. Aunt Nannie was a large woman until she was very old - she then become thin. Uncle John Clyburn married Lina a woman with two sons, Truman and Truitt and they also had two of their own: John Willard Clyburn and Thelma Clyburn. John Willard died in north Africa in WWII. I don't know what happened to the others.

Aunt Lina died in child-birth at Hornbrook, CA (buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Yreka, CA) and the baby was left with the Wagner family in Hornbrook and was later adopted and raised by them. He took the name of Miles Wagner. He married and had two or three children and moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon.2 He died in 1997 in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Uncle Bill Clyburn was a tall good looking man when I met him in Austin, Texas during WWII. Bill Clyburn married a woman by the name of Ida but had no children. He died at the age of 72 years in Austin and was buried in the Masonic Cemetery. Uncle Bill gave me the chalk long-horn that I have in my bedroom above the window. There is a news article about him in the family album.

Ollie Clyburn came to visit at our home on Lime Gulch (Klamath River, California) but it was after I left home. I don't know anything about Uncle Ollie or his family. He lived in or near Houston, Texas. Grandpa Miles Clyburn visited us at Lime Gulch on the Klamath River a few times and died in his sleep there at 77 yrs. He died after the new house was built in 1926.


--by Narcy Fae (Clyburn) McBain

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Well folks, I've had some real nice words from many family member who really appreciate the "family news." I hope that everone has a wonderful holiday! --Frank Clyburn